How to Care for and Clean Cast Iron Cookware the Green Way

There's nothing quite like a perfectly seared steak prepared in a cast iron skillet. Cast iron cooking is practically an art form and to have the most delicious dishes possible, you need to take good care of your cast iron cookware.

But what's the best way to care for and clean cast iron if you're establishing an eco-friendly kitchen? Dishwashers, soaps and abrasive cleaning tools can damage cast iron surfaces, and many of the cast iron cleaners contain harsh chemicals. To help you keep your cast iron well maintained and enhance your green lifestyle, follow these tips!

1. Season your cast iron cookware. Seasoning cast iron is crucial to preventing food from sticking, so you should always season brand new pieces before use. To do so, coat the surface of the iron with organic olive oil or linseed oil. Wipe off the excess oil with a cellulose SKOY cloth or a Bambooee bamboo towel. Place the cookware in the oven for one hour at 350 degrees. Then repeat the steps one time.

2. Wash correctly. When it comes time to clean your cast iron after cooking, use a homemade soap alternative made from olive oil and kosher salt. Then scrub with either an eco-friendly brush like the Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush or a mild, natural, abrasive sponge like the Twist Loofah Sponge. Dry with an organic dish towel like the Full Circle Stick 'Em Up Towel or the Full Circe In the Buff Dish Towel.

3. Re-season after every use. After washing and drying, you should apply a coat of plain olive oil to your cast iron. Rub with a bamboo or cellulose paper towel alternative and then heat the cookware up on the stove for one to two minutes. Let it cool, and then you're ready to put it away.

4. Protect your cookware. If you're stacking other pots and pans inside of a piece of cast iron cookware, it's important that you protect the surface from scratching. We like using a Toockies washcloth or a PeopleTowel organic cotton towel as padding, but you can also use several SKOY cloths or layered Bambooee bamboo towels.

Do you have any green cleaning tips for cast iron? Share them in the comments section!

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