Green Your Graduation Party

If you're planning a graduation party, you certainly have a lot on your to-do list. Whether you're hiring a caterer or preparing food yourself, graduation parties can mean a lot of paper and plastic waste that just isn't good for the planet. Fortunately, there are some rather affordable, eco-friendly ways that you green your grad party and still throw an affordable event.

Here are some biodegradable and compostable replacements that will make your day more eco-friendly. Instead of:

- Paper plates try Bambu Veneerware Plates, which are crafted out of bamboo 

- Styrofoam compartment plates try Eco Products Compartment Plates, which are made from sugar cane

- Disposable plastic bowls try Eco Products Sugar Cane Bowls

- Plastic silverware, try Eco Products Plant Starch Forks, Knives and Spoons

- Paper towels for clean up, try a roll of Bambooee Bamboo Towels

Want to share some green tips for throwing a party this summer? Post them in the "Comments" section!

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