Five Green Gifts for Grads

We're nearing the start of graduation party season, which means thinking about gifts. While grads always appreciate cash, giving them a practical green gift that they can use when they head to college is another great option for you to consider. 

Here are five of our favorite eco-friendly gifts for recent high school grads: 

1. Twist Naturals Set - One thing many students forget to bring along to the dorm is cleaning supplies. This Twist Naturals set includes everything necessary for washing dishes and cleaning up spills the green way.


2. Bambu Bamboo Utensils Set - Even though college students typically cook only with hot plates and microwaves, they still need some basic utensils. This set includes two eco-friendly bamboo spoons and a bamboo spatula and that are of such fine quality your favorite grad will have them long after they've finished college.


3. To-Go Ware Stainless Steel 3-Tier Tiffin - Students are always on the go, and this stainless steel tiffin will make it much easier for your favorite grad to eat healthy even when he or she is out and about.


4. Toockies Wash Cloths - Hand-knitted out of organic cotton, Toockies Wash Cloths will come in handy for the showers in the dorms. The eco-friendly wash cloths are available in His and Hers styles and can be given on their own or included in a green bath basket filled with toiletries.


5. e-Cloth Screen Cleaning Kit - For less than $15, you can pick up the e-Cloth screen cleaning kit, which can be used on laptops, desktops, televisions, hand-held gaming devices and even smart phone screens. The set includes a microfiber cloth and a non-toxic liquid cleaner.


There you have it--green gifts that your favorite grad is sure to love. Do you have any other green grad gift ideas you'd like to share? Post them in the "Comments" section!

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