If you were asked to make a list of all of the places in your home where toxins may be lurking, you might include the cabinets under the sink where you keep your cleaning products, the shelves in your garage where there are paints and solvents and maybe even the produce drawer where toxic residues may be lingering on your fruits and vegetables. But would you think of your cosmetics kit? A new Canadian study indicates that you should.

Earlier this month, an environmental group in Canada released findings of tests that the organization performed on 49 different brands of cosmetics. Products tested included both drugstore brands and higher end luxury makeup collections. Shockingly, 96 percent of the products contained lead, and slightly more than half were laden with arsenic. Roughly one-third also contained cadmium.

Although all of these heavy metals are known to be toxic, the FDA does not require them to be listed on cosmetics labels if they are only found in trace amounts. Beauty industry advocates state that these tiny doses of heavy metals pose no long-term risks on a woman's health, but for those who are aiming to lead greener lives, knowing that beauty products contain toxins can be very unsettling.

So what can you do to protect yourself from toxins in makeup? The best advice is to switch to 100 percent natural brands. This can be more difficult than it sounds because many brands will tout their natural ingredients, but really only have one or two non-synthetic extracts and chemicals in their formulas. Look for brands that are certified as organic by a reputable organization, as these are the most likely to be safe.

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