Green Cleaning Tools for Ceramic Cooktops

Recently, I purchased a new ceramic cooktop after my old model suddenly stopped working. When I was reading the owner’s manual, I was quite surprised and disappointed to see that the maker of my cooktop recommended that I clean the range with paper towels!

The manufacturer specified the disposable towels because of their softness and strength, but using paper towels every day to clean my stove definitely won't help my efforts to create a paperless kitchen. I decided to do some experimenting to determine what else could be used in place of paper. Here are my top 5 finds:

1. eCloth Range and Stovetop Cloth - This microfiber cloth was designed specifically for stoves and ranges. The mix of textures on the cloth makes it capable of removing burned on food, and eCloths can be used with just soap and water.


2. Bambooee Bamboo Paper Towels - These biodegradable bamboo paper towels can be used to clean your stove multiple times before you throw them away. They also come in a handy roll that makes them easy to dispense.


3. SKOY cloths - Like Bamboo paper towels, SKOY cloths can be reused multiple times and can also be laundered in the washing machine. They are just as soft as paper towels but thicker and sturdier.


4. Twist Loofah Sponge - The owner's manual of my stove says a mild abrasive is safe to use on the ceramic surface. I like the Loofah Sponge, which is made from all-natural materials and will not scratch the range.


5. Full Circle The Edge - This handy microfiber cloth is my favorite for removing fingerprints from the controls as you can clean right up to the corners with ease.


Do you have a favorite green cleaning solution for your ceramic stovetop? Share it with us in the Comments section!

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