Recently, we added a new money-saving multi-pack from e-Cloth to our inventory. This unique 8-pack of microfiber cloths gives you the ability to clean virtually every surface in the kitchen with just plain water. The cloths eliminate the need for all types of chemical cleaning products and are machine-washable, so they can be used multiple times.

Here's a rundown on what's inside the pack and what you can use it to clean in the kitchen and beyond. 

- Kitchen Cloth with Scrubbing Pocket

 Use it on: All types of counter tops, cabinetry hardware, small appliances, kitchen flooring, switch plates and outlet covers, painted walls 

- Glass & Polishing Cloths (2) 

Use it on: Glass inserts in cabinets, glass doors on small and large appliances, faucets and taps and metal handles on appliances

- Bathroom Cloth

Use it on: Grout and tile backsplashes and floors, textures surfaces on appliance fronts and plastic surfaces throughout the kitchen

- Window Cloth 

Use it on: The exterior windows in your kitchen

- Dusting Cloth

Use it on: Decorative items, pots and pans in your pot rack prior to cooking, lighting fixtures, windowsills and kitchen tables

- Stainless Steel Cloth

Use it on: All stainless steel surfaces, including pots and pans, metal stovetops, ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators

 - Range and Stovetop Cloth

Use it on: All types of cooktops, including ceramics, stove burners, cookware, grills 

This affordable green cleaning set is a great way to make the switch to eco-conscious cleaning in your home, but is also a great gift for a housewarming, shower or holiday.

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