Introducing Our New e-Cloth Products

Recently, we had the opportunity to expand our product lineup and add some new great green cleaning cloths to our inventory. These new cloths are all part of the e-Cloth collection, a line of microfiber cloths with a unique nanofiber weave. With millions of microscopic fibers in every inch of the e-Cloths, the cleaning cloths are able to remove dirt, debris and up to 99 percent of bacteria by cleaning with just plain water.

Some of the new e-Cloth products that we've added to our site include:

- Two new colors of the e-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth for metal and glass. Check them out in Violet and Mint Green

- e-Cloth High Performance Window Mitt - This green cleaning cloth is designed for oversized glass surfaces, such as dining room tabletops and sliding glass doors. 

- e-Cloth Kitchen Towel - This ultra absorbent towel is made from a blend of microfiber and cotton, making it perfect for cleaning and drying. The towel is sold in green and blue.

- e-Cloth Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth - A microfiber green cleaning cloth with a textured surface, this scouring cloth can be used for very difficult cleaning tasks like removing burned-on food from around the stove, but is also gentle enough to wash fruits and vegetables. 

- e-Cloth High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth - If you or someone in your family has allergies, the High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth is the perfect choice. In addition to capturing debris and microbes, the cloth also traps things like pet dander and pollen in its microfiber weave.

- e-Cloth Granite Pack - This e-Cloth 2-pack is an ideal replacement for paper towels when it comes time for cleaning granite, marble, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. One cloth is used for getting these types of hard surfaces spotless, while the other buffs and shines the surfaces until they look gleaming-ly clean.

Which of our new e-Cloth products is your favorite? Tell us in the "Comments" section.

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