Coupon Sherpa App Review

The Internet has made couponing easier than ever, as you can now find so many deals right on the Internet without ever having to open sales circulars or junk mail packets. Despite this, many people still print Internet coupons, which adds up to paper waste. Coupon Sherpa is an app designed to make paperless coupon easier, and recently, I downloaded and tested the app to see how useful it could be to the average shopper.

The Basics

 - Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 6.1 or later (optimized for iPhone 5) and Android 2.1 devices and later

- Free download from the App Store or Google Play 

- Only available in English

- Created by Coupon Sherpa, LLC

The Features

- Includes a database of current deals on offer at many major retailers that is searchable by store

- Allows you to share deals via social media with just a tap

- Transfers coupon codes to retailer websites for mobile shopping 

- Provides a search feature to help you find deals in specific categories

- Enables you to take photographs of deals to share with other users

The Details

 The description for Coupon Sherpa makes it sound as if this app can be used to completely take the place of coupons both online and in stores, but after playing with the app for an hour, I hadn't successfully found any truly in-store coupons. While I do think this app would be helpful for those looking for great deals online, I don't really feel that this is that big of a paper saver unless you always print coupons that you will use to make online purchases. The coupons also seem to be limited to stores, not brands, so you can't use it to find savings on groceries and the like unless you shop at a nationwide retailer that has posted coupons.

 Since this app is free, it's definitely worth downloading and giving a try; just be realistic about the paper-saving prospects of the app before you install it.

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