4 Tips for a Paperless 4th of July Party

Independence Day is almost upon us! If you're hosting guests this year for a barbecue or picnic and you're committed to having a paperless kitchen, why not make your party paperless?

Here are four ways that you can cut down on paper and still have a great party: 

1. Use green disposables. No one wants to spend time after a party washing tons of dishes, but that doesn't mean that you have to resort to using paper-based disposables at your get-together. Eco Products sugarcane disposable plates and silverware and Bambu bamboo disposables are perfect for replacing those paper-based products. Plus, they're compostable!

 2. Send e-vites! Don't mail paper invitations to friends and family this year. Use a free email invitation service, which also makes it easier to keep accurate head counts. Call and extend personal invitations to friends and family who still don't use email. 

3. Don't forget the towels. Place some organic cotton towels like the Full Circle in the Buff Dish Towel around the picnic area and the grill. When you have cloths handy, guests are less likely to go looking for paper if spills occur. You can also keep a roll of Bambooee bamboo paper towels or a stack of SKOY cellulose cloths on hand on the big day.

4. Swap for cloth. Cloth napkins are great for picnics, particularly if you choose a festive design that's red, white and blue or checkered like an old-fashioned tablecloth. Keep a basket on hand for guests to put their used napkins in, so it will be easy to launder the whole batch after the party.

There's nothing more patriotic than helping to protect our nation's forests, and by going paperless at your picnic, you can spread the word about the benefits of using less paper. If you're planning a paperless party the Fourth, we'd love to hear about it in the "Comments" section.

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