Four Eco-Friendly and Socially-Conscious Coasters for Summer Drinks

Summer means tall drinks filled with ice as well as drippy glasses that leave rings on tables. Coasters are a must-have accessory for the patio and the deck, but when you're comparing the products available in stores, you'll soon see that few are eco-friendly. Many coasters are made out of plastic, which is created from petrochemicals. Metal coasters that use nonrenewable resources are the second-most common variety. 

Toockies coasters are the eco-friendly alternative to ordinary coasters, as they are made from 100 percent organic cloth fibers. The cloth absorbs moisture that drips down from glasses, reducing the amount of mess there is to clean. Best of all, Toockies coasters are made in India by women who are paid fair wages, making them better able to support their families.

Our organic coasters from Toockies are all sold in packs of four. There are four styles available.

- Awaken Coasters - These are made from 100 percent organic cotton and have an attractive circular weave. 

- Hummingbird Coasters - Also made of cotton, this style has an almost floral look. 

- Spirited Coasters - The Spirited style is fashioned out of organic cotton and has an almost braided appearance.


- Sun Coasters - Made from 100 percent organic jute, these coasters have an eye-catching sunburst pattern. They are not quite as absorbent as the cotton coasters, but they provide ample insulation for hot beverages and are sturdier.

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