Russia Debates: Paper or Plastic?


The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs is currently debating a possible ban on the use of plastic bags throughout shopping malls in Russia. Instead of plastic bags, paper bags would be used in these shopping centers.

 The issue is a part of a growing eco consciousness in the country, which has one of the lowest recycling rates in Europe.


Russians have mixed feelings about the potential ban. Roughly 49 percent say that they're in favor of it, believing that plastic waste is a more pressing problem than paper waste. About 32 percent of Russians surveyed are against the proposal, feeling that paper is just as much of a problem. Some even believe that it's the Russian paper industry pushing for the ban. The remainder of Russians felt as if they did not have enough information to decide which was best.


The RUIE does seem to have enough support throughout its membership to pass the ban, despite the mixed sentiments among the Russian people. What's your opinion on this issue? Do you think plastic waste should be minimized even if it means wasting paper? Weigh in in the "Comments" section!

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