Paperless Kitchen is pleased to announce a new brand in our inventory. We've recently added some products from the thinkbaby collection that can serve as alternative to plastic bags, paper cups and BPA-laden plastic food storage containers. thinkbaby products were developed by scientists and pediatricians and are completely free of toxins. The products are designed to be easy for kids to use and gentler to the planet.


Some of the new thinkbaby products that we're carrying include:


- thinkbaby Bento Boxes - Rectangular food storage containers with airtight lids


- thinkbaby Kid's Cup - A 7-ounce handled mug for hot or cold beverages


- thinkbaby Thinkster Kid's Straw Cup - A training cup designed to take kids from the sippy cup stage to drinking from a straw


- thinkbaby Feeding Sets - Four and six-piece sets that contain an array of essentials for mealtime and snacks


What do you think of the new thinkbaby collection? Tell us what you think in the "Comments" section.

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