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At Paperless Kitchen, we're always looking for ways to make it easier to go green, and when our customers give us feedback, we listen. We have heard from many of you that it would be helpful to have all of the solutions for one green cleaning goal all in one place. Well, we heard you loud and clear, and we're pleased to announce our new Shop by Alternatives feature.

The new Shop by Alternatives area of the site is broken down into various materials that many of you are working to eliminate from your homes and kitchens in an effort to go green. The sections include:

- Paper towel alternatives

- Paper plates alternatives

- Plastic silverware alternatives

- Sandwich bag alternatives

- Paper and plastic bag alternatives

- Plastic bottle alternatives

- Chemical cleaning products

- Metal kitchen accessories

- Wood cooking utensils

We hope this new feature will make it much easier for you to shop Paperless Kitchen.

What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the "Comments" section.

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