Paperless Kitchen Tested: Clean&Green App Review

While you can find plenty of green cleaning products here at Paperless Kitchen, sometimes you need to handle a quick cleaning task and just don't have time to order online. That's when it's great to be able to make your own natural cleaning products at home. Recently, I discovered an app that promises to make it easier to make your green cleaning products. It's called Clean&Green, and I took it for a test drive to find out what it's all about.


What Is Clean&Green?Clean&Green Application

 Clean&Green is a mobile app that lets you browse a list of green cleaning recipes. There are six different categories to look through, and all of the recipes are listed in alphabetical order. When you find a recipe that looks interesting, you can click arrow buttons to read step-by-step information on how to make it.


Benefits of Clean&Green

 There were some things I really liked about this app, including:

 - Free Download. You don't have to pay to download the app, so there isn't any risk in downloading it.

 - Variety. There really are recipes for just about anything you might want to clean. You can even find really specific things like crayon remover.

 - Easy to Follow. The recipes are written well, so you don't have to scratch your head and wonder what they mean.

 - Simple to Use. You can figure out how to use the app as you go. It's very straightforward.


 Drawbacks of Clean&Green

 - Questionable authority. There is no information about where the recipes come from, and users can't leave reviews. You really don't know if anything on the app will work or not.

Clean&Green Application

- Limited Free Access. You only get access to two of the six categories of cleaning products with the free download: All Purpose Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner. You can unlock one category at a time for free but it makes you watch a loud advertisement and takes you to another website when you try to do it. If you want to avoid that, you can unlock all six remaining categories for $.99.

  - No Ingredient Listings. There isn't an ingredient list at the beginning to make it easy to shop or know if you have what you need.

 - A Lot of Ads. This app is littered with ads. They appear at the bottom of the page, and after a few taps you get popups. They cover the entire screen, so it's very easy to end up clicking one and getting redirected.


Final Verdict

 We would give this app a 7/10. The content is helpful, but we feel as if it was made mainly for the purpose of generating ad revenue. Not a lot of thought was put into actually making this an authoritative resource for those who want to clean green. Since it's free, it's worth a download and we hope that the recipes will work for you well.

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