Green Dorm Room Must-Haves for Back to Campus

It's time to head back to campus for the 2013-2014 school year, and everywhere, people are starting to stock up on supplies. To help you get the necessities and still be green, here are top 10 Must-Haves for 2013 Back to Campus.

1. Bambooee Paper Towels will be a lifesaver for cleaning up spills in dorm rooms. They're also a tree saver since they're made from 100 percent bamboo.

 2. Eat Cleaning Wipes help remove bacteria, dirt and chemicals from the surface of fruits and veggies and are useful for polishing off an apple that's been stuffed in a backpack or kept on a desk.

3. ThinkSport sports bottles make it easy to stay hydrated while on campus. You can also carry coffee in them, and the ice filter can be used to brew tea. 

4. To-Go Ware 3-Tier Tiffins are a convenient way to take an entire meal to eat while on the go on campus or studying outdoors.

5. The e-Cloth Screen Cleaning Pack will help keep computers, tablets and smart phones free of fingerprints all semester long.

6. PeopleTowels are the green alternative to paper towels for hand wiping. Because of their compact size, you can easily tuck one in a backpack for use on the go.

7. The Twist Naked Sponge Kit gives you a variety of natural plant-based sponges to use for a variety of cleaning tasks in dorms.

8. A 100-pack of Bambu Veenerware plates will get college students through many boxes of pizza.

9. Eco Products Plant Starch Silverware is another surefire hit in the dorms and come in huge boxes of 1,000.

10. Method Tub and Tile Wipes will be a lifesaver when the ensuite bathroom starts to look dingy.

You can get all of these great green alternatives here at Paperless Kitchen along with tons of other back to school products.

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