New Program Helps Reduce Wasted Paper When You Print

Even if you're making an effort to reduce how much paper you consume by printing at home or work, there are some things that still require you to switch on the printer and crank out a document. How many times have you been aggravated to find that a vital document doesn't print properly, requiring you to waste another sheet of paper or more?


A new program from Cartridge World called PrintEco is designed to eliminate this common problem. For home use or companies with fewer than 25 employees, PrintEco is free to use. The software works with many common programs, including those in the Microsoft Office Suite. It also is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.


When you use PrintEco, documents and web pages are optimized for printing. This means that margins are oriented the correct way and unwanted advertisements and other frames can be removed. You can also use the program to consolidate text to use less paper.


I experimented with PrintEco myself and found the program rather simple and straightforward to use. If you qualify for the free version, I recommend doing the same.


Own a larger company? Try playing with the home version to see what you think and then determine the cost-effectiveness of the program based on the results of your test-drive. Let me know what you think of PrintEco by leaving a message in the "Comments" section.


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