Offices Will Soon Be Able to Make Their Own Paper

Many companies are now instituting policies to reduce paper waste and encourage recycling. Not only do these policies help companies become more sustainable, but they also serve as cost-cutting techniques that reduce the expense of purchasing paper by reducing printing and other unnecessary uses of paper. Now, there is a new way for companies to become greener and conserve paper--a device that manufactures new paper from old paper right inside of office buildings.


The device in question is called PaperLab, and it was developed by the research and development team at Epson. The first models were set to be produced in Japan in January 2016 with worldwide sales expected to begin later this year.


Epson's PaperLab

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With PaperLab, companies will be able to load used papers into a special chamber and then process it into new sheets of paper. The machine is flexible, allowing users to set a specific size, thickness and type.


Obviously PaperLab will help companies reduce their cost of purchasing paper and become greener, but Epson has pointed out that it has another big benefit--security. Maintaining client and corporate confidentiality is of the utmost importance for companies today, and many companies struggle with how to keep shredded paper documents secure until they can be picked up by recycling companies. PaperLab will make it possible to immediately recycle shredded confidential documents, eliminating the risk of theft.


There is no official word yet on when PaperLab will be available in the United States or what its cost will be; however, for companies that use large amounts of paper, it's easy to imagine that the unit would pay for itself over time.

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