Your Business Can Turn Waste Paper Into Toilet Paper!

Although it was released 2 years ago, the White Goat paper-recycling machine has made headlines again recently, as more and more companies in Japan are purchasing these systems.


The idea behind the White Goat is that companies can use their waste paper to develop another type of paper product that most businesses use on a daily basis: toilet paper. The company that manufactures White Goat estimates that for average-sized companies, the machine can recycle enough paper to save 60 trees each year.


Using the White Goat is simple. Employees simply place their waste paper into the machine's bin. From there, the paper is shredded and held until there is enough to create a roll of toilet paper. It takes roughly 40 sheets of A4 paper to make a single roll.


Interested in the White Goat? At this time, the machine costs $100,000, so it may not be a practical investment for small companies. For those with 50 or more employees, however, or fields that use large amounts of paper, the machine may pay for itself in no time.

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