Free Tool Helps You Select the Most Eco-Friendly Paper

Even if you're committed to reducing paper usage as much as possible, it's not always possible to eliminate paper completely. If paper must continue to play a role in your business, finding the type with the smallest environmental impact can help you stay in line with your eco-conscious while still meeting the needs of your business.


The Paper Calculator from the Environmental Paper Network is a free tool designed to help you make the best possible decisions about the paper that you use. The calculator makes it simple to compare different grades and brands of paper to find the ones that have the smallest eco-footprint, taking into account its percentage of recycled content and its manufacturing methods.


The calculator also creates a report that details the findings and fully explains the environmental impact of making various paper choices. The tool is free to use, but you must register and agree to cite the calculator when you present any of the findings from the app.

To try out The Paper Calculator, visit the Environmental Paper Network's website.

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