Penn State University Unveils New Waste Reduction Program

Kudos to Penn State University! This year, the public land grant college has instituted a new plan to dramatically reduce the amount of solid waste produced by the university that ends up in landfills.


Called Mobius, the program focuses on food waste. The university has set up special Mobius stations all over the campus for students, faculty and visitors to deposit compostable waste. The bins are found in all buildings that contain classrooms, dining halls and food courts and residence halls. They are also located in many of the athletic venues where the Nittany Lions hold home games.


Penn State will compost all of the waste and use it on campus. With the program, the university states that only 25 percent of the total amount of waste generated at the campus will need to be taken to landfills. That's a 10 percent decrease over the amount that is currently transported off of the campus.


We hope that other universities around the country will be inspired to follow  Penn State's lead.

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