Meet Jimmy Towels!

Here at Paperless Kitchen, our family of products is continuing to grow. We recently added a new line of replacements for paper towels to our collection that we wanted to introduce to you. Called Jimmy Pocket Towels, these sustainable towels are designed specifically for use when on the go.


Each Jimmy Pocket Towel consists of two pieces. First, there's a waterproof pocket case with a zipper that holds the towel. There are three different styles available. The two-color stylish Sporty Jimmy and the luxury wool Dapper Jimmy are made in America, while the simpler Knock-Off Jimmy is discounted in price and produced in China. The pouches come in many different colors and patterns and fit easily into the pocket of a pair of jeans or a jacket.


Inside of the zippered pouch is the actual Jimmy Towel. These towels consist of two layers: an outer microfiber shell and an inner synthetic chamois core. The microfiber is very absorbent and makes for easy drying, and the chamois wicks moisture away from the surface to help prevent dripping. The towel dries rapidly when laid flat or hung up, and the case keeps your pocket dry until you have a chance to dry the towel.


Jimmy Towels are machine-washable once you remove the chamois core. Replacement towels are available, so that you can always have a fresh towel on hand.


We invite you to check out Jimmy Towels today and let us know what you think of these unique replacements for paper towels!


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