As you may remember from our earlier blog post, we recently added Leafware products to our collection, and so far, many of our customers have discovered how stylish and functional they are as alternatives to paper plates and bowls.

It seems they're not the only ones, though! The latest episode of "Top Chef" on Bravo actually featured Leafware plates and bowls. The square plates and round bowls were used to present the chefs creations for judging and for the guests who were assembled for a soiree in the swamp.

The finished dishes were absolutely breathtaking, and it was great to see Leafware in action. You can see the video for yourself here. And for a quick refresher--Leafware plates and bowls are 100 percent biodegradable and compostable dinnerware that is made from dried leaves discarded from palm trees. As the video shows, they have a gorgeous natural look and are great for entertaining.

Congratulations to Leafware on being featured on the show!


                     Leafware 3" Round Single Bite Plates - Sauce Bowls



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