Waste Paper Find Its Way Into the Construction Industry

An exciting new development from a project in the European Union shows a promising use for waste paper. The InsulaTFH project has recently unveiled a new type of building insulation made from processed cellulose extracted from waste paper.


Cellulose is a natural choice for use in the construction industry because it has the ability to greatly insulate homes and businesses. The researchers involved in the InsulaTFH project developed an economical method of extracting the cellulose and then mixed it with fire-retardant materials to ensure safety once the insulation is installed. To cut down on fuel consumption, the paper pulp used in the manufacturing of the insulation is sourced from mills located in the same communities as the plants.


The InsulaTFH project project was funded by the EU as part of an ongoing push to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills across the continent. The new insulation will soon be mass produced at facilities in Ireland, Belgium and Germany, but there's no word about how quickly this eco-friendly insulation will be available in the United States.



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