Stock Up on Supplies for a Paperless Halloween Party

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, but there's still time to stock up on paperless supplies for your spooky celebration. Some of our most popular eco friendly party supplies include:


- MyDrap Cotton Bundles - The Black and Orange are a festive replacement for paper napkins at your party. Made of cotton, the 8-inch by 8-inch napkins can be laundered after the party for reuse up to six times.



Bambu Veneerware Sporks - Bambu sporks have a cult-like following and have a lot of appeal. They're a fun addition to the spread at a Halloween party and are 100 percent compostable and recyclable.


  - Leafware Bowls and Plates - If you want your Halloween party to have a sophisticated look, Leafware square plates and bowls are an excellent choice for setting the table. They even have bite plates for single-serving appetizers.



 - To-Go Ware Utensil Sets - The Pumpkin To-Go Ware Utensil Set can not only help you serve food at the party but can also make a green take home favor for your guests. The reusable silverware is made of bamboo and come packaged in a travel case. In addition to a knife, fork and spoon, there is a set of chopsticks in the set.    


 - Eco Products Sugarcane Compartment Plates - Think your guests will prefer compartment plates? The Eco Products plates are a great option because they are every bit as strong as Styrofoam but made from all natural sugarcane. Compost them or throw them away after the party ends.


In addition to these products, we have a wide variety of other paper plate replacements and plastic silverware alternatives from which you can choose. Get started on your shopping and have a greener Halloween!




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