The New Way to Make Paperless Paper Chocolate Wrappers

We recently discussed some ideas on what to do with paper candy wrappers once Halloween has ended, but if British paper company James Cropper's new technology takes off, paper-based candy wrappers may soon become a thing of the past.

The company has developed a new technology that uses the waste left over from processing cocoa beans to make wrappers for packaging. The recycling process innovated by the company would use 3.5 million metric tons of chocolate skins per year, keeping agricultural waste from ending up in over-crowded landfills. To make the process even more eco-friendly, the natural color from the cocoa husks is retained, eliminating the need for chemical dyes.

You may remember the James Cropper company from a story that we did earlier this year on plastic cup recycling. This new technology shows how this corporation, although a paper manufacturer, is truly working to make the world a greener and more paperless place.



                                                               Roasted Cocoa Beans


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