EverNote, Other Technologies Named Paperless Office Essentials

In early October, Paul Mah wrote a very informative article for PCWorld discussing the paperless office. Although brief, the piece, "Ultimate guide to the paperless office" discusses some of the key areas in which companies can cut back on paper consumption.


Each section of the article provides suggestions about various technologies and devices that can be used to make the paperless workplace a reality. The entire piece is an excellent read, but I was especially interested in the section on note taking.


Here, Mah points out the benefits of EverNote, a popular app for tablets and smart phones that takes all of the capabilities of note taking and transforms them into a one simple-to-use program. We have recently been reviewing the app ourselves and will be launching a series on it during the month of November.


You can check out EverNote yourself in the meantime, and be sure to head over to PCWorld to check out the rest of the piece and get some great paperless workplace tips.



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