New Green Dining Essentials for Your Little One

As a green mom or dad, you know how hard it can be to find eco-friendly products to use at mealtime. So many of the options out there are made out of plastics that contain BPA and other chemical additives that you don't want to expose your kids to. That's why we're happy to introduce some new products from Bamboo Studio that can make every meal more fun while helping you stick to your eco conscious principles.


The new products include:

 - Reusable Tumbler Cups. If your little one is ready to make the leap to a non-sippy cup, Bamboo Studio has you covered. Their tumblers are ergonomically designed to be easy for little hands to grip, and they're made entirely out of biodegradable bamboo. Each pack contains four dishwasher-safe cups.


- Reusable Utensil Sets. With ergonomic forks and spoons, Bamboo Studio utensil sets help kids eat independently. Featuring colorful graphics, the utensils are free of sharp points and are crafted out of biodegradable bamboo. The sets include one fork and one spoon and are dishwasher safe.

- Reusable Trays. Perfect for carrying dinnerware to the table and for serving finger foods, Bamboo Studio trays are sturdy, simple to lift and made from sustainable bamboo. You get four in every pack, and they're dishwasher safe.


- Reusable Placemats. Keep the high chair neat and tidy with adorable Bamboo Studio place mats. These large place mats are made out of plastic, but Bamboo Studio does not use harmful additives in their products. After dinner, it's easy to wipe them clean.

- Silicone Bibs. Fashioned out of FDA-approved silicone rubber, Bamboo Studio bibs keep clothing dry and have a pocket for catching small items. They come in small and large sizes and are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.


Check out the entire Bamboo Studio collection today! Leave a message in the “Comments” section to tell us what you think of the products.

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