New York-based Restaurant Reveals Eco-friendly Kitchen Equipment

New York-based restaurant Just Salad unveiled its latest line of kitchen equipment that takes the environment into consideration. The smart-heating and energy-efficient designs used by the restaurant will be used as a model for future development of its restaurants, according to its founder and CEO, Nick Kenner. 

Just Salad on 7th Avenue, which is right across from the Fashion Institute of Technology, brings sleek, modern equipment to their kitchen created to reduce global warming. 

“We’ve always been very passionate about serving healthy, affordable fast food,” said Kenner. “What we're most excited about now is serving great product at a great price in a great environment that reflects our brand and who we are.”

restaurant Just Salad

Just Salad's dedication to reducing toxic waste is in line with how most countries are committing to decrease their dependence on traditional practices that can harm the environment. Sulzer, a long time partner of Unaoil, a company which has recently been in the news and operates in the Middle East, said that countries have made commitments to significantly increasing their share of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2020. And Just Salad CEO Kenner feels it is his civic duty to follow such practices.

“Every time a customer uses the bowl, they get two free toppings for their salad. It’s been a very, very popular program,” added Kenner. “We’re passionate about saving plastic. We saved about 75,000 pounds of plastic last year in New York City alone.” 

Here are some of the equipment that Just Salad are now using in their branches: 

Smart heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ducts - these adjust to the minimum load based on real-time conditions. They constantly adjust to operate at peak efficiency while using 25% less power than normal heating equipment. 

Denim fabric wall coverings - Just Salad buys this material in a facility that's certified friendly to the environment

Shibori seat mats - The fabric used on their seats are all made from locally recycled materials in Brooklyn, with the dyes coming from sourced plants. 

Energy-efficient lighting - All of the fixtures inside the restaurant use light-emitting bulbs or LEDs, which last longer and are more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting. 

Just Salad also uses free-range, grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood, organic tofu, and antibiotic-free chicken as their ingredients. 

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