September 20, 2016


Introducing 4 New Bamboo Studio Dinnerware Sets for Kids

Want your kiddo to devour those healthy veggies, not just the chicken nuggets on the plate? Sometimes, all it takes is a fun plate to encourage little ones to eat every morsel of food. Our four new Bamboo Studio Kids dinnerware sets reward little ones for clearing their plates with colorful graphics.

Each set includes a cup, a bowl, a spook, a fork and either a sectioned plate or a traditional dinner plate. There are four new styles to choose from:

1. Halloween Cat

 It's the perfect way to make mealtime fun! This set has a purple color scheme with a festive Halloween theme that includes black cats, witches, pumpkins and a bat. As a fun finishing touch, the bowl has kitty ears.


Bamboo Studio Kids Dinnerware Set, Halloween Pumpkin, 5 Piece


2. Halloween Pumpkin

Your toddler will find this set beautiful! Orange just like pumpkins, this Halloween themed set includes friendly ghosts, creepy spiders, jack-o-lanterns and a wolf howling at the moon.




3. Sassy Strawberry

Every meal will be berry sweet with this bright red dinnerware set. The bowl and plate are shaped like strawberries, as are the handles on the silverware.




4. Crazy Carrot

 Your child might look at carrots in a whole new way after seeing these fun, vibrant orange pieces. Carrot shapes abound in the collection with the plate, bowl and silverware featuring them.





Not only are these dinnerware sets plenty of fun, but they're also very friendly to the planet. Each piece is made from renewable bamboo, and it's FDA approved as food safe. You get the unbreakable quality of plastics without any of the toxins with these sets. When your little one outgrows them, you can toss them out without any guilt, as they're biodegradable.


Check out all four sets here at Paperless Kitchen and tell us which is your favorite in the Comments section.

August 16, 2016


Could Paper Waste One Day Feed Livestock?

While we can all take steps to reduce the amount of paper that we use, it will likely never be possible to fully eliminate paper from daily life. That's why it's exciting to learn about innovative new uses for paper waste that can help to offset some of the damage that is done to the environment by cutting down trees to produce paper. The University of Colombia has proposed a very unusual use for paper waste--feeding livestock.


The University of Colombia has created a new type of feed that gets 15 percent of its content from waste paper and 85 percent of its content from traditional feed. Don't feel bad for the sheep that are being fed this food as a test--the scientists believe it will actually be beneficial for them.


paper waste

image source:

In parts of Colombia, grass becomes scarce due to drought, leaving sheep, cows and other grazing animals without a source of the cellulose that animals need to be healthy. It’s cellulose that allows cows and similar animals to ferment food in their stomach, digest it and then produce energy. Clean paper waste is rich in cellulose, so the scientists believe that it can be used as a supplement for grazing. This could actually keep many animals from starving or suffering from health problems.


The University of Colombia is testing the feed with 300 small to medium sized Colombian farms in an area of the country where droughts are common and grazing conditions are often poor. It will be interesting to see what comes of the test. Who knows? One day, livestock animals all over the world might be eating a paper-rich diet.

July 26, 2016


Biodegradable Plastics Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Today, a number of products come in plastic packaging that is labeled as biodegradable and an increasing number of stores are offering disposable bags that they say are biodegradable. A recent report from the UN reveals that the shift to these types of plastics are unlikely to help the problem of mounting plastic waste in the ocean.


image source:


The problem with synthetic biodegradable plastics is that their names are actually a bit deceiving. In order for many of these biodegradable plastics to break down rapidly, they need to be exposed to temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit or more. In most parts of the world, environmental temperatures never get that high, and no ocean water is that warm. UV can gradually degrade the plastics, but most plastic waste sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it's beyond the reach of UV.


So what's the solution to the plastic problem in the ocean? First of all, switching to truly biodegradable plastics made from plant-based materials can make a difference. Naturally derived plastics used in many of the products sold here at Paperless Kitchen do readily break down at less than extreme temperatures. Recycling programs must also be improved and the public must be educated on the importance of not littering at the beach and ensuring that their plastics end up in recycling bins, not the garbage, wherever they are.


Individually as green conscious consumers, we can do our part by researching what words like “biodegradable” really mean when it comes to product packaging and spreading the word.

July 12, 2016


Paperless Kitchen Summer Sale on Amazon Prime Day!

We're Celebrating Summer With a Sale!  We've partnered with Amazon to provide extraordinary deals on July 12 during Amazon Prime Day! During this one day sale, we're offering a variety of concurrent sales and promotions across our entire product line on All of the specials listed below are valid only on on July 12, 2016 while supplies last.


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July 03, 2016


New York-based Restaurant Reveals Eco-friendly Kitchen Equipment

New York-based restaurant Just Salad unveiled its latest line of kitchen equipment that takes the environment into consideration. The smart-heating and energy-efficient designs used by the restaurant will be used as a model for future development of its restaurants, according to its founder and CEO, Nick Kenner. 

Just Salad on 7th Avenue, which is right across from the Fashion Institute of Technology, brings sleek, modern equipment to their kitchen created to reduce global warming. 

“We’ve always been very passionate about serving healthy, affordable fast food,” said Kenner. “What we're most excited about now is serving great product at a great price in a great environment that reflects our brand and who we are.”

restaurant Just Salad

Just Salad's dedication to reducing toxic waste is in line with how most countries are committing to decrease their dependence on traditional practices that can harm the environment. Sulzer, a long time partner of Unaoil, a company which has recently been in the news and operates in the Middle East, said that countries have made commitments to significantly increasing their share of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2020. And Just Salad CEO Kenner feels it is his civic duty to follow such practices.

“Every time a customer uses the bowl, they get two free toppings for their salad. It’s been a very, very popular program,” added Kenner. “We’re passionate about saving plastic. We saved about 75,000 pounds of plastic last year in New York City alone.” 

Here are some of the equipment that Just Salad are now using in their branches: 

Smart heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ducts - these adjust to the minimum load based on real-time conditions. They constantly adjust to operate at peak efficiency while using 25% less power than normal heating equipment. 

Denim fabric wall coverings - Just Salad buys this material in a facility that's certified friendly to the environment

Shibori seat mats - The fabric used on their seats are all made from locally recycled materials in Brooklyn, with the dyes coming from sourced plants. 

Energy-efficient lighting - All of the fixtures inside the restaurant use light-emitting bulbs or LEDs, which last longer and are more energy-efficient than fluorescent lighting. 

Just Salad also uses free-range, grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood, organic tofu, and antibiotic-free chicken as their ingredients. 

June 24, 2016


Green Essentials for the Beach

Planning a beach vacation this year? When you're headed to the shore, you need to bring along your towel and your bathing suit, but that's not all that goes into your beach bag. You can tote along green versions of many of the items that are must-haves for the beach to make your trip to the shore a more eco friendly one.

 Here are some of our favorites for the beach: 

  1. Thinkbaby Baby Sunscreen. Completely free of harsh chemical ingredients, this sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB using zinc oxide minerals. The sunscreen provides 80 minutes of continuous sun protection and is safe for adults, kids and babies.

Thinkbaby baby sunscreen


  1. ThinkSport Insulated Sport Bottle. Stay hydrated at the shore and keep your cold drink nice and frosty for longer with this stainless steel BPA-free sports bottle. It's completely reusable and has a filter inside to keep ice from blocking its spout. You can purchase one in a variety of sizes and colors.

Thinksport insulated sport bottle


  1. Green Sprouts Aqua Bottle. Your kiddo's thirst can be easily quenched on the beach with this unbreakable, BPA-free polypropylene water bottle. The cap closes securely to prevent leaks, and when you open it up, a straw pops up for easy drinking. It comes in various colors, and each style has a different animal graphic.



  1. Green Toys Sand Play Set. Kids can build sand castles, dig holes and enjoy all-around sandy fun with this set! Each piece is made from recycled milk containers in the U.S. and is completely free of BPA and other toxins.


Check out these and other green products at Paperless Kitchen and get ready for a greener vacation!

June 17, 2016


A Paperless 4th of July

Hosting the 4th of July picnic this year? You can make the occasion a green one by eliminating paper and plastic from the event entirely. These products can help you have the greenest possible 4th of July:


- Leafware Dinnerware. If you want to go the disposable route for easy clean-up after the picnic, the Leafware dinnerware collection is the perfect solution. Their chic plates, platters and bowls are made from palm leaves, and their flatware is crafted from sustainably grown birch wood.


Leafware square plate


- Eco Products Cold Cups and Straws. For serving beverages in disposable cups, opt for Eco Products eco-friendly disposables. Their plastic cups and straws are constructed out of 100 percent biodegradable corn-based plastic.


Eco-Products HOT CUPS


- Preserve Dinnerware. Prefer to use reusable dinnerware? Check out Preserve cups, plates and silverware. The nontoxic dinnerware is made out of 100 percent recycled plastic and comes in red and blue colors that are perfect for Independence Day.


Preserve red plates


- Bamboo Studio. With a huge selection of serving bowls, serving tools and cooking utensils, Bamboo Studio offers high quality sustainable bamboo replacements for everything you need to prepare and serve your 4th of July fare.




- MyDrap Napkins. Instead of paper napkins, set out a stack of MyDrap Folded Cotton Napkin Bundle in Lipstick Red. Not only do they suit a patriotic theme, but they're also made from sustainably grown 100 percent cotton fibers.


Mydrap cotton napkins


- Hip Hooray Liberty Dots ecoGarland. Decorate your backyard in patriotic style with this eco conscious bunting made from TerraSkin, a material produced from rocks. The 100-inch bunting is strung on eco-friendly hemp cord.




These are just some of the paper plate alternatives, plastic silverware replacements and other green party supplies you'll find here at Paperless Kitchen. Check out our tableware collection to discover other options.

June 12, 2016


What's Lurking in Your Sunscreen?

Summer's here, and when you're heading outdoors, it's important that you slather on the sunscreen to protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV. Wearing sunscreen every time you go outside can keep you from ending up lobster red and reduce your risk of developing some forms of skin cancer later in life.


Sunscreen PaperlessKitchen



But not all sunscreens are the same. Some of the FDA-approved active ingredients found in sunscreen may be as dangerous as the sun itself! Some concerning chemicals found in many sunscreens include:


- Oxybenzone. This chemical causes allergic reactions in many people and has been found to affect the body similarly to estrogen. In animal studies, it's been shown to negatively affect sperm production, and it's been linked to reproductive problems in women.


- Octinoxate. Like oxybenzone, this commonly used sunscreen active ingredient has been shown to have hormonal properties that have the potential to cause reproductive health and thyroid concerns.


- Homosalate. This ingredient is believed to be safer than the previously mentioned sunscreen ingredients, but it has been shown in lab studies to disrupt estrogen, androgen and progesterone, and it may be toxic when it breaks down in old sunscreen.


- Octocrylene. While this ingredient hasn't been shown to be toxic, it has a high potential to cause allergic reactions and has been detected in the milk of nursing mothers.


The good news is that it's possible to protect your skin from the sun without exposing yourself to these chemicals. ThinkSport and ThinkBaby sunscreens sold here at Paperless Kitchen use natural minerals to provide ample protection from both types of UV and are nontoxic. You can check them out here.


Everyday Face Sunscreen Thinksport



May 17, 2016


Paperless Kitchen Tested: iRecycle App Review

We all know that it's better to recycle things than simply toss them in the garbage, but with some items, it can be hard to know where to go to ensure that your waste ends up being reused rather than tossed into a landfill. An app called iRecycle is designed to make it easier to help you recycle all types of items that you use around your house. Read on for a full review.


iRecycle app

 image source:


About iRecycle

iRecycle is an attractive, straightforward app that allows you to find the nearest location for recycling a wide variety of common items. The app uses the GPS in your smartphone and its registry of recycling locations to help you find the closest recycling location.


Pros of iRecycle

- Cost. iRecycle is free for both Android and iOS devices.

- Completeness. You'd really be hard pressed to find something that can be recycled that isn't covered by iRecycle. The app has information about recycling automotive parts, batteries, construction supplies, electronics, garden supplies, glass, hazardous materials, household products, metal, paint, paper and plastic. When you click on each category you get a list of dozens of items to choose from.

- Detailed Information. When you click on a location, you can get their phone number, a link to their website and their address for your reference. The app also shows you a list of what is accepted and lets you know about any restrictions on the recycling programs.

- Easy to Use. The app is very intuitive, and you don't have to register for an account to use it.


Cons of iRecycle

- Not Up to Date. The last update for iRecycle was back in 2013. There's a chance that some of the locations on the lists the app returns no longer exist or accepts certain items, and there may now be closer places than the locations the app shows. Still, the app provides a good starting point for finding recycling facilities. I would recommend calling the locations to make sure they still accept items before you make a trip.


Overall, we would highly recommend iRecycle for anyone who wants to recycle more of the items that they use at home or in the workplace. With listings for more than 350 kinds of items, the app may even help you discover new ways of recycling that you never considered before.

May 03, 2016


Paperless Kitchen Tested: Joulebug Review

We all know that there going green and living a more sustainable life is beneficial for the planet and the right thing to do, but let's face it, shrinking the size of your eco footprint takes some work. An app called Joulebug seeks to make greening your life a more enjoyable experience and to help people discover ways to live more sustainably. I put it to the test recently and was impressed with it!


About Joulebug

Basically, Joulebug is a green app, a game and a social experience at once. When you register for an account, the app gives you challenges to complete, and each one helps you to make your lifestyle and your home greener. As you complete challenges, you earn achievements that are posted on your profile and that you can share on social media. You can also challenge friends to competitions.


JouleBug green app

 image source:


Pros of Joulebug

 - Cost. Joulebug is available for free and there does not appear to be any in-app purchases.

 - Simplicity. Joulebug is very easy to use, and the app is beautifully designed.

 - Informative. What I like most about Joulebug is that it actually shows you the benefits of each challenge in a clear way. For example, one challenge told me to turn the lights off when I leave the room and then explained that I would save $4 per year and save enough energy to power my refrigerator for 136 days.

 - Enjoyable. I had fun exploring the challenges and completing them. I could see myself continuing to use the app.


Cons of Joulebug

 - Social Component Needed. I think for this app to really be exciting you'd need to use it with friends. That's a little bit of a drawback for someone who just wants a green app they can do on their own when they have time.

 - Some Tips Are Simple. A lot of the challenges are very simple things that most people would know to do on their own; however, the app does give you the incentive to actually do them. Plus, it's nice to see how those small tasks can make a big impact on the size of your eco footprint.


Overall, Joulebug is a great app for anyone who wants a little extra motivation to be green. The fact that it's free makes it well worth taking for a spin to see if you like it. You can download it from the Apple App store or Google Play store.

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