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Paperless Kitchen Tested: Easy Greasy Strain & Save Colander Review

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm guilty of a really terrible kitchen sin. For years, when I brown ground turkey or beef, I've been rinsing out the pan and dumping the stuff down the drain. I mistakenly thought it was just a little bit of goop going down there, but boy, was I wrong. The Easy Greasy Strain & Save Kitchen Colander has shown me the error of my ways, thanks to this kitchen road test! The Basics The Easy Greasy is a kitchen colander that's designed specifically for draining greasy meats; however, you can use it for anything else that...

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Introducing Brand New Eco Chic Dinnerware From Leafware

Who knew palm tree leaves could be so stylish? Leafware is proof that disposable dinnerware can be every bit as fashionable as the reusable stuff and have a tiny eco footprint at the same time. If you're hearing about this brand for the first time, Leafware makes dinnerware by collecting palm leaves that have fallen from trees, sterilizing them and then drying them to create a highly temperature resistant, moisture resistant material with a gorgeous earthy color. The dinnerware is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, making it much greener than paper and plastic. It's also stronger than paper and won't...

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