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Looking for the very best ways to create your paperless kitchen? We have many of them right here. To make shopping easier and help you discover some of the latest and greatest ways to reduce your eco footprint, Paperless Kitchen has gathered some of our customers' favorites for you to browse all in one place.


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Could Paper Waste One Day Feed Livestock?

While we can all take steps to reduce the amount of paper that we use, it will likely never be possible to fully eliminate paper from daily life. That's why it's exciting to learn about innovative new uses for paper waste that can help to offset some of the damage that is done to the environment by cutting down trees to produce paper. The University of Colombia has proposed a very unusual use for paper waste--feeding livestock.   The University of Colombia has created a new type of feed that gets 15 percent of its content from waste paper and...

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Biodegradable Plastics Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Today, a number of products come in plastic packaging that is labeled as biodegradable and an increasing number of stores are offering disposable bags that they say are biodegradable. A recent report from the UN reveals that the shift to these types of plastics are unlikely to help the problem of mounting plastic waste in the ocean.   image source: www.theguardian.com   The problem with synthetic biodegradable plastics is that their names are actually a bit deceiving. In order for many of these biodegradable plastics to break down rapidly, they need to be exposed to temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit or...

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