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Looking for the very best ways to create your paperless kitchen? We have many of them right here. To make shopping easier and help you discover some of the latest and greatest ways to reduce your eco footprint, Paperless Kitchen has gathered some of our customers' favorites for you to browse all in one place.


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Coffee Cups Aren't as Green as We Think

For many of us, stopping into a Starbucks or another coffee chain for a cup of coffee is a daily ritual. The coffee comes in a paper cup, and if you do a little reading, you'll see that most chains claim that their cups are environmentally friendly because they're recycled and made from recycled materials.   A recent expose in The Times found that the claims of major coffee chains in London, including Starbucks, weren't based in fact. While some of their cups are indeed made from recycled materials, they are not being recycled as much as the companies lead...

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BPA Is in Most Canned Foods, Study Shows

We've talked about the dangers of BPA in the past in our blog. This additive that is used in plastic and metal packaging has been shown to cause hormonal changes in the body and is now believed to be linked to problems with fetal, infant and child development. Many people are now making the switch to BPA free plastic products and alternatives to plastic like silicone baby bottles and bamboo dinnerware, but a new study shows that simply eating a canned food can expose you to the toxin.   A study conducted by the Ecology Center examined a large number of...

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