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Looking for the very best ways to create your paperless kitchen? We have many of them right here. To make shopping easier and help you discover some of the latest and greatest ways to reduce your eco footprint, Paperless Kitchen has gathered some of our customers' favorites for you to browse all in one place.


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Food Wrappers of the Future May Be Edible

While we can take steps to reduce our use of plastics at home by using sustainable reusable products and green disposables, some types of plastic just aren't avoidable. Many of the healthy foods that we purchase in stores come in plastic packaging, and much of it cannot be recycled.   With the plastic problem continuing to plague our planet, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is exploring a new way to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by food. The government is currently working on a packaging that is made out of a nutritious, protein-rich bio-film that would take the...

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Introducing 4 New Bamboo Studio Dinnerware Sets for Kids

Want your kiddo to devour those healthy veggies, not just the chicken nuggets on the plate? Sometimes, all it takes is a fun plate to encourage little ones to eat every morsel of food. Our four new Bamboo Studio Kids dinnerware sets reward little ones for clearing their plates with colorful graphics. Each set includes a cup, a bowl, a spook, a fork and either a sectioned plate or a traditional dinner plate. There are four new styles to choose from: 1. Halloween Cat  It's the perfect way to make mealtime fun! This set has a purple color scheme with...

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