Fit & Fresh Kids Hot Lunch Container


Ever wish you could send hot soups, veggies and entrees along in your kids' lunch? While you certainly can't trust a plastic sandwich bag with such as task, the Fit & Fresh Kids Hot Lunch Container is up for the task! This special container was made especially for kids and keeps hot foods fresh and toasty until lunchtime rolls around. Thick insulation in the walls of the container helps to trap heat inside, and if you pack cold foods instead, will keep those at the perfect temperature, too.


Made of unbreakable plastic, the Fit & Fresh Kids Hot Lunch Container is completely free of BPA, phthalates, lead and other toxic additives. The handy container comes with its own spoon, which snaps into the lid. At the bottom, there is a tray, where you can put croutons, crackers and other goodies for soup or stow away a napkin. The container even has a handle for easy carrying!