Introducing Toockies - A Move Towards a Cleaner Planet and an Empowered Population

We all know that eliminating paper products from your household is better for the planet, but if we're being honest, it also feels good, too. Knowing that you're doing something positive to make the world a better place has a profound effect, and it's a big motivation for establishing a paperless kitchen. 

In today's post, I wanted to take some time to introduce you to one of our featured brands, a company that takes doing good by going green to a whole new level. That brand is Toockies--a line of hand-knit organic cloth scrubbers and bath and shower products. The thick, durable design of Toockies kitchen and bathroom products is far superior to paper and plastic products, but there's more to the Toockies story than just smart, sustainable green design.

Toockies was founded by a woman who was inspired to act when she learned about the plight of impoverished women in India, many of whom suffered domestic violence and lived on meager incomes that were not enough to properly care for and educate their children.   After partnering with Mrs. Jaya Basu of Promise World Wild near Calcutta, India she came in contact with these women who touched her deeply and gave her the idea of bringing a fair trade venture to a rural Indian community, so that together they could improve the lives of the many.


Today, Toockies employs more than 250 Indian women who hand-knit every product the brand produces. Because of the fair wages that Toockies pays, these artisans are able to make a financial contribution to their families and enjoy greater independence. Many of the women even earn more than their husbands, which helps them to earn respect and even limits incidences of domestic abuse.

When you purchase Toockies green cleaning cloths, eco-friendly scrubbers and other products, you're helping to make a real difference in the lives of women who can greatly benefit from your help and getting beautiful organic handmade products that are durable, reliable, hardworking and well priced. Now, that's something you can really feel good about.

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Anna Marie Stauss
Anna Marie Stauss

October 10, 2012

Thanks for honoring us with this post. To anyone reading this message please know that the reason we are in this business is because we hope to change the business of selling things. We want to offer simple solutions for the home as well as poverty and waste at a reasonable price for the good of all. If you have the opportunity to try our lovely products you will know they are made to last and do the job better than what is currently available. They are not fancy or trending…they are the products our customers use when they want something that works and the products they gift because of their quality. If you are a practical person this is for you.

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