Announcing Free Shipping on All Orders - PaperlessKitchen Steps Up its Game!

Since we launched Paperless Kitchen earlier this year, we've received a lot of feedback about our sustainable kitchen products and paper towel alternatives collection. One thing that we keep hearing again and again is that while our prices are competitive and our selection is great, paying shipping costs discourages prospective customers from buying from us. We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to contact us and let you know that we're listening.

In fact, we're pleased to announce that we are no longer charging shipping on orders from Paperless Kitchen.

Our new free shipping program is available on all purchases made in the US, regardless of their size, weight or dollar amount. This is not a special promotion that will be here today and gone tomorrow. With the current state of our economy, every penny saved helps, and our free shipping policy not only will save you on your orders with us, but will also spare you a trip to a brick and mortar store to purchase the paper towels, plastic silverware and cleaning supplies that you’re currently using.

When we launched Paperless Kitchen, we did so to help others protect the planet, and we hope that our free shipping program will help more people be able to do just that. Please help us spread the word about this exciting change at Paperless Kitchen by sharing this blog post with friends and family.

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