Black Friday and the Season of Green Gift Giving

Gift shopping season is in full swing now, and Paperless Kitchen is getting into the holiday spirit. We've already started sharing our green gift ideas here on our blog, and today, we introduced a new feature on our site to make shopping for gifts even easier.

We've added a new section exclusively for our green gifts, so that you can quickly find all of our favorite items for gift giving all on one page. Our hope is to inspire more people to select green gifts, not just for the winter holidays, but also for other occasions throughout the year.

So why is it important to buy green gifts? Here are a few of the biggest reasons why we opt for green gifts for our friends and family:

- It's better for the planet. This may be the most obvious reason to choose green gifts, but when you think about how much paper waste is created with the wrapping paper from holiday, birthday and other celebrations, the importance of choosing eco-friendly gifts becomes even clearer.

- Green giving encourages others to protect the planet. When you give green gifts to others, you can introduce them to a new way of thinking about the planet. This can lead to changes in their lifestyles or at the very least, raise their environmental awareness.

- Eco-friendly gifts are unique. When you buy something green for a friend or family member, you're practically assured that no one else will have given them a similar gift for the holiday or occasion. This makes your gift stand out.

- Environmentally-friendly gifts are practical. Nearly everyone can benefit from gifts like paperless kitchen starter kits and other green gifts. If you choose a green gift, you can be sure that they'll actually get use out of what you buy. Why give Dad another necktie or Mom another bottle of perfume when you give them something they'll use every day?

Why do you shop for eco friendly gifts? Give us your best green giving inspiration in our comments section.

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