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The Paperless Kitchen is pleased to introduce Bambooee, the leading brand of reusable paper towel products and reusable sweeper pads. By making the switch to Bambooee bamboo towels and sweeper pads, you can do your part to reduce the more than 300 tons of  waste that is produced per day throughout the world just from household cleaning. Just as strong and durable as ordinary paper towels, Bambooee towels are made from bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world. The fibers of this plant are far more sustainable than the wood pulp used to create ordinary paper towels. What's more--one roll of Bambooee reusable paper towel products is equal to 6 months worth of ordinary paper towels, making the product an incredibly affordable paper towel alternative. The sweeper pads allow you to dry dust floors or use your favorite green cleaning product to mop without leaving behind toxic residues. Machine washable, one roll of sweeper pads can substitute for 1500 disposable pads.

Choosing an effective paper towel alternative and replacing disposable sweeper pads are two of the most important steps in establishing a truly paperless kitchen, and you simply won't find a better brand of bamboo towels and pads than Bambooee. Discover these absorbent, reusable bamboo towels today!


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