Green Toys

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It's never too early for your kids to start learning about the importance of recycling and caring for our planet. With Green Toys, you can raise eco-conscious children and feel good knowing that you've provided them with toys that are safe for the planet and their little, growing bodies. Eco Toys are made from recycled plastic milk jugs and tested to verify that they are free of BPA, phthalates and the other toxic chemicals that are often contained in plastic toys and have been found in clinical studies to cause health problems for kids later in life.

Durable and colorful, Green Toys are designed to capture kids' imaginations and engage them in hours of creative play. With these kitchen-related play sets, children build an early love for cooking, which can lead to healthy meal choices and better nutrition when they're all grown up. Perfect for gift-giving, Green Toys are the ultimate play dish sets and kids' cooking sets. See the full collection here at Paperless Kitchen.

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