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In 2001, two friends, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, formulated their own brand of cleaning products. The idea behind their brand was to give people green cleaning methods that were affordable and easy to use, and they named their collection "Method" in honor of this. Today, Method cleaning products remain on the cutting edge of the chemical-free cleaning revolution, leading the way with innovative, highly effective solutions that let you clean every room in your home without exposing your family to toxins.

Knowing that paper waste is a serious problem, Lowry and Ryan have included paper towel alternatives in the Method collection. Their cleaning wipes are the perfect substitutes for paper towels and for scrubbers made from synthetic materials. Free of toxins and bleach, the wipes are ideal for a variety of hard surfaces and can be safely flushed or thrown away as they are 100 percent biodegradable. Shop the Method collection here at the Paperless Kitchen!

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