Paper Plate Alternatives

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The amount of paper and plastic dinnerware used in the United States annually is enough to circle the Equator three times! Each one of us can help reduce the amount of paper and petrochemicals that are needly wasted every year by using green disposables in place of paper plates, paper bowls, plastics and Styrofoam. Today's green alternatives are every bit as strong and sturdy as the wasteful products that they replace, making them perfect for entertaining, parties or everyday use at home.
Paperless Kitchen is committed to bringing you the latest innovations in paper towel replacements. When we find new paper plate alternatives that meet our high quality standards, we add them to our collection to share with you. As a result, you'll find the newest and best solutions made from organic materials like sugarcane and bamboo in our collection. All of our products are biodegradable and compostable, so you can buy and use them without guilt.
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