Sandwich Bag Alternatives

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Every day, tons of waste leaves the trashcans in our schools and workplaces, bound for landfills across our country. Much of this waste is in the form of plastic sandwich bags, which are used for snacks, fruits, vegetables, sweets and of course, sandwiches. These products aren't just hazardous for the health of the planet; they also frequently contain BPA and other toxins that put kids and adults at an increased risk for medical problems later in life.

You can become part of the solution to plastic waste by making the switch to one of the sandwich bag replacements found here at Paperless Kitchen. All of our sandwich bags alternatives are 100 percent nontoxic and are reusable, so they don't contribute to lunchtime waste. We have a wide variety of options to meet the needs of every family. Shop our sandwich bag alternatives collection now and decrease the size of your eco footprint.
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