The Eco Owl

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The Eco Owl was set up because of my absolute love of nature and my devotion towards this beautiful planet of ours. Our shop offers you affordable high quality vintage like products with sustainable fashion that is stunning. I was born and raised in a small town in Ireland and am now living in beautiful British Colombia. I moved here after discovering the sheer beauty of Canada.

I’m delighted to be given this opportunity with Paperless Kitchen as I completely believe that sustainable products and sustainable fashion is the future as people begin to realize the importance of saving the earth. It is also inevitable that online shopping is growing and growing.

Our start-up business is here to benefit of the world. We can never have enough of nature, so why not wear it, keep it in our pocket and make nature fashionable. We believe that eventually we shall realize that if we destroy the ecosystem we will destroy ourselves. So why not help our environment and look good at the same time.

Thank you for eco shopping at Paperless Kitchen and I really hope you like these products from The Eco Owl.

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