Wood Cooking Utensil Alternatives

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Wood has long been used to produce a variety of cooking utensils from spoons to cutting boards, but these products all contribution to deforestation. If you're like many people trying to establish a greener kitchen, you may wonder precisely what to use in place of wooden cooking utensils, as none of the everyday alternatives, such as plastic and metal, seem green. That's why Paperless Kitchen has put together a complete line of wood cooking utensil alternatives that are green and sustainable.
Our cooking utensil collection is made out of materials that are friendly to the planet, such as organically grown bamboo. The products are free of toxic additives and chemical-based glues and stains, making them safe for use with all types of foods. We are constantly on the lookout for new green cooking tools to add to our collection, so stop back frequently to see what's newly arrived.
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