Green Cleaning Tools for Spring Cleaning

Spring has officially sprung! While that means it's time for the weather to get warmer and for flowers to bloom, it also means that it's time for spring cleaning. If you're gearing up to giving your home a thorough cleaning now that the vernal equinox has arrived, check out this list of green cleaning tools for the kitchen.

- For your oven - For an oven interior that is very grimy, start with soap and water and the Twist Ravioli scrubby. You can use this to lift away very dirty spots that require scouring. Then, switch to the e-Cloth Stainless Steel cloth and clean with just water to remove the rest of the debris.

- For your stove - The e-Cloth Range & Stovetop cloth has special ridges that allow it to both scrub and wipe. It's safe to use on all types of cooktops, even ceramics. 

- For your fridge - Try wiping down the interior of your fridge with the Full Circle Suds Up Dish Sponge. Its long handle makes it easy to reach far back into the fridge to clean every corner. For the coils underneath, the Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush is ideal.

- For your counters - Since you likely wipe your counters more frequently, we recommend giving them a simple, good cleaning with a natural disinfectant like 3% hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Use the large Twist Naked Sponge to get the job done in record time.

- For your microwave - Start by wiping out the inside with a SKOY cloth, so that you can toss away the mess. Then, a Twist Loofah Sponge can help you easily scrub away any leftover grime from the inside of the microwave. When you're finished cleaning, microwave some lemon juice inside to give the appliance a fresh, clean scent. 

- For your windows - The e-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack and the e-Cloth Water Atomizer can help you get your windows spotless and streak-free without using anything more than water.

- For your floors - There's no better tool for scrubbing your floors than the e-Cloth Deep Clean Mop. The telescoping handle will help you even get under the table with ease.

- For your draperies - If you don't want to launder your draperies, you can freshen them up and disinfect them with a thorough cleaning with the Vapamore MR-100 Primo.

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