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One day back in 2004, Andy Keller made a trip to the local landfill that would forever change his life. While he was there, he was disgusted by the vast amount of bag waste that he saw. There were large bags from grocery stores and discount stores, smaller bags from the produce aisle and sandwich bags from lunches strewn everywhere. The vision continued to haunt him, and he decided to stop using single use bags forever. The problem was that he couldn't find any good alternatives on the market. That's when he decided to make his own, and he sold them for the first time at a farmer's market in Chico, California, back in 2005. It was on that day that Chico Bags were officially born.

Paperless Kitchen offers Chico Bags to help you stop using single use bags wherever you shop. The products are made from sustainable materials like PET recycled plastic cloth, hemp and cotton. Shop the collection now!

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