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The revolutionary e-Cloth was designed to help you finally achieve true, chemical free cleaning in your home. The ultimate green cleaning cloth, the e-Cloth is made of a blend of millions of tiny fibers, which trap even minuscule dirt particles. Due to the unique texture of this incredible paper towel alternative, the e-Cloth can tackle all types of messes with ordinary water alone.

 The e-Cloth green cleaning cloth collection features a variety of styles, each of which is suited for a particular type of chemical free cleaning. Whether you're looking for a paper towel alternative to wash your counters, a replacement for disposable stainless steel scouring pads or a way to eliminate the need for ammonia-based window cleaners, there is an e-Cloth that is perfect for you. There's even e-Cloth green cleaning cloths designed for cars, eyeglasses and personal electronics. Check out the full collection here at The Paperless Kitchen.

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