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Composting is the eco friendly way to deal with food scraps and spoiled foods from your fridge, but the idea of collecting all that food waste and keeping it in your home seems like a messy, smelly job, doesn't it?

CompoKeeper is committed to changing the way you think about composting by making the process simple, convenient and most importantly--odor free! The signature product from the brand, the CompoKeeper Food Scrap Collector, is uniquely designed to keep your home smelling fresh while allowing you to collect scraps to use in your own backyard or to drop off at your local composting facility.

With its revolutionary design that includes special 100 percent compostable bags, the CompoKeeper Food Scrap Collector keeps waste sealed away and is as easy to use as any conventional kitchen garbage can. Activated carbon filters neutralize odors, so the air stays fresh. When the bag inside of the CompoKeeper is full, just lift it out, tie it up and replace it with a new one. You'll be protecting the planet and reducing the size of your family's eco footprint with each and every bag. Paperless Kitchen carries everything you need to start using the CompoKeeper Food Scrap Collector and keep the collector maintained.

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