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If you're trying to make the switch to natural cleaning in your home, it's time to toss away your old sponge. Ordinary sponges are made from synthetic fibers and colored using chemical dyes. When these sponges are thrown away, they take up space in landfills, as they are slow to decompose. The natural cleaning supplies brand Twist has developed the perfect alternative to synthetic sponges--eco-friendly sponges!

Twist organic sponges are made from natural fibers rather than synthetics. Real certified organic loofah and plant materials are found in all of the eco-friendly sponges from Twist, making them a great addition to your natural cleaning supplies. The sponges are free of chemical dyes and have a specialized scrubbing surface that is great for washing dishes, wiping down counter tops and more. In addition, the organic sponges are biodegradable, so they break down quickly once they’re thrown away. Check out our selection of Twist eco-friendly sponges today!

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