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Like many of us, Sandra Ann Harris was tired of packing her kids' lunches with products that were bad for their bodies and bad for the planet, too. Dissatisfied with the alternatives to paper lunch bags and BPA-laden metal lunch boxes that she saw in stores, the California mom was inspired to design her own line of eco-friendly cloth lunch bags and BPA-free stainless steel lunch boxes.

To help her produce her products, Harris looked halfway around the world to the Khatri villages in India, where skilled craftsmen had been producing beautiful fabrics with non-toxic ink for centuries. All of the Eco Lunchbox cloth lunch bags are made by these artisans, who are paid fair trade wages and given wonderful, safe working conditions. Every Eco Lunchbox purchase helps impoverished Indian families live better lives and your own family lead a healthier, greener one. Shop the full Eco Lunchbox collection now!


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