Lunch Skins

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It all started with a news clip heard by three outdoors-loving moms in Pennsylvania. The shocking statistic that 20 million plastic bags are thrown away in garbage cans at school each and every day in the U.S. served as a powerful wakeup call that changed how this trio thought about packing their children's lunches. Their quest to find a better way to package sandwiches and snacks for school led to the invention of the LunchSkin, an eco-friendly reusable cloth bag that is ideal for replacing plastic baggies.

LunchSkins products are made from a food-safe fabric used by the best bakeries in Europe and are sewn and fabricated here in the U.S. Featuring bold, bright patterns that are favorites for adults and kids alike, the LunchSkins bags close tightly and are dishwasher safe. Paperless Kitchen has a full range of LunchSkins products in three sizes: the extra large Sub Size, the standard Sandwich Size and the compact Snack Size. Check out the full collection now!

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