Green Sprouts

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After having two children, Becky Cannon found herself thinking more about the everyday products that she and her family used on a daily basis. She was concerned about toxins in dyes used to make clothing, chemicals in plastics and lead and other additives found in paint. In 1982, she started her own company, i-Play, with the purpose of making better products for children, and eventually, the Green Sprouts collection grew out of her brand. This range of products for kids includes a host of solutions for green parents.
Here at Paperless Kitchen, we carry Green Sprouts products that serve as alternatives to wasteful items like plastic sandwich bags and plastic silverware. All of the solutions in the Green Sprouts range are free of toxic chemicals and are the perfect addition to any eco-conscious paperless kitchen. These products also make great green gift for children and baby shower gifts for expectant mothers.
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