Steam Cleaners

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In your eco-conscious home, steam cleaning allows you to kill bacteria and pests, eliminate dirt and debris and tackle tough stains without having to use a single chemical cleaning product. The ultimate cleaning solution for those concerned about the effects that the toxins in cleaning products have upon their families and the planet, steam cleaners can be used for many tasks from cleaning flooring and carpeting to hard surfaces to upholsteries and draperies. They can even be used as an alternative to pesticide treatments for bedbugs, lice and other pests.

Here at Paperless Kitchen, we are proud to carry a line of fine quality steamers for the home. We offer both a traditional full-size rolling steamer and a smaller hand-held model that combines a steamer with a wet-dry vacuum. Our steamers are competitively priced and make greening your cleaning routine incredibly affordable. Start shopping our steamers collection today to find the right chemical-free cleaning solution for your needs!

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